Crawlspace & Substructure Flood Cleanup

About Us

SoCal Water Damage Services provides state of the art drying equipment for crawlspace & substructure flood cleanup. With our knowledgeable & certified staff we are here for any questions you might have for your home or business. We provide 24hr. Emergency Services for any sudden leak, pipe burst, supply line break or sewage back up that may occur. With a 1hr. response to all areas of Southern California.

How proper crawlspace & substructure sewage contamination cleanup is performed:

  1. Once on-site we do proper photo documentation, moisture mapping, of affected areas & any contents damaged by the sewage contamination.
  2. All standing sewage water needs to be extracted immediately to prevent further contamination.
  3. Set-up HEPA-filter/air scrubber to filter the air from any bacteria.
  4. Set-up axial fan @ access door to remove humidity, & bacteria from under the structure to prevent it from going through subfloor.
  5. After standing water is removed any black soil present needs to removed then all affected soil turned, sanitized, & crystal odor counteracting absorbent is placed on all affected soil.
  6. Sanitize, anti microbial wash of all affected areas, place equipment ex: dehumidifiers, HEPA-filter/air scrubbers, & air movers on exterior vents to for proper structural drying procedures.
  7. Provide direct billing & communication with insurance company before, during, & till completion of work.
  8. Monitor daily dry down of affected areas.
  9. Provide Certificate of Completion when structure is all dry & equipment is picked up. On that same day we contact your insurance company to inform them of dry down completed.

A certified representative in the water damage industry is always the one answering the phone. Call us @ (888)441-6653 or Email us @ with any questions or concerns you might have. We take a lot of pride in being able to help someone in the time of an emergency to there property. We are here to help!

Customer Reviews

“I had water coming out of my crawlspace and didn’t know how I was going to handle this until the plumber recommended SoCal Water Damage Services to come out and give me an estimate on what it would cost me to clean it up. With me being a single lady & new homeowner I have never had to go through anything like this before. I was a little overwhelmed until David arrived & let me know the process in which we had to deal with it. I was so happy I called them because come to find out my insurance covered all of the cost except my deductible. They saved me big time. Thanks again and hope I don’t need this service again, LOL.”

Sincerely, Sarah C.