Mold Inspection & Remediation Services

About Us

SoCal Water Damage Services provides state of the art air quality testing & drying equipment for your mold or bacteria contamination concerns. With our knowledgeable & certified staff we are here to answer any questions you might have for your home or business. We provide 24hr. Emergency Services for any sudden leak, pipe burst, supply line break or sewage back up that may occur. With a 1hr. response to all areas of Southern California.

How proper mold removal & remediation is performed:

  1. Once on-site we do proper photo documentation, moisture mapping, of affected areas & any contents damaged by the possible mold.
  2. If mold is visible there needs to be a containment set up to prevent any cross contamination or harmful airborne spores from spreading further.
  3. Set-up HEPA-filter/air scrubber to filter the air from any mold spores.
  4. Set-up floor prep from door entry to affected area.
  5. Remove all saturated & contaminated materials.
  6. Sanitize, hepa-vacuum, wipe down, with possible encapsulation of all affected areas, place equipment ex: dehumidifiers, HEPA-filter/air scrubbers to then pass a post air clearance test. To show air quality is livable with no harmful mold spores showing on air samples.
  7. Provide direct billing & communication with insurance company before, during, & till completion of work.
  8. After a clean air quality test is complete then the equipment is removed. On that same day we contact your insurance company so then reconstruction can be completed. At times per customer request we keep up containment for reconstruction.
  9. Provide Certificate of Completion when structure is all dry & equipment is picked up.

Customer Reviews

“I called SoCal Water Damage Services to come out & tell me the extent of my damage to my kitchen cabinets from my dishwasher leaking. When they did the inspection I was told I had mold under my sink. I had no idea that my insurance company would possibly cover me for this & to my surprise they did. I would have never tried until David informed me to call them after looking over my policy together he said I had coverage for mold. I was so pleased with SoCal Water Damage Services.”

Sincerely, Ryan S.